Medal Framing

Medal Framing is an excellent way to ensure that the stories behind the gallantry do not go untold. Imagine being able to tell your children or grandchildren the reason you or someone you loved was awarded a medal.

You can create a treasured legacy and ensure that heroic deeds are remembered and lives lost, or changed forever, are remembered for generations to come.

We find that a large percentage of medals are shut away in an old tin that never sees the light of day. Keeping precious memories in an old tin not only hides them away, forgotten, but can contribute to their deterioration. The various metals can react with one another and the ribbons can also become more fragile. The Sunshine Coast climate doesn’t help when it comes to medal deterioration either, so don’t wait any longer – let the Caloundra Framing team make sure your medals are beautifully framed and protected. We consider it an honour our the team at Caloundra Framing to be able to perform your medal framing, and allowing you to display the medals earned with pride.

Caloundra Framing’s medal masters are based on the sunshine coast. They are a professional medal mounter and framers, Samuel Budd has had over a 15 years of experience in the presentation and display of military and other memorabilia and he is happy to discuss your Mounting and medal framing options with you.

Comprehensive Framing Service

From the simplest of DIY readymade frames to complex multi window collages of medals, photos, badges and memorabilia, you are invited to browse through our gallery to see some of the work carried out by our experienced medal mounting professionals in the past.

Replica Medals

If you would like to have copies or replacements made to let you present others with a beautiful gift they can treasure, Caloundra Framing are medal masters that source quality military & civilian medals and 1st grade ribbon for all our replicas.

Medal Restoration

The qualified professionals at Caloundra Framing can restore your medals to “Parade Ground” standard by polishing, replacing worn ribbons and remounting them.

Someone once shared with us a concept and we are proud now to hold it high as our mission statement: “Our commission is to protect and preserve the world’s largest private collection of cultural heritage.”

In other words, the greatest things of value are in private homes not in galleries or museums.

We look forward each day to helping all of you tell a story about the things you hold dear.

For all your medal mounting and framing solutions – call into Caloundra Framing, your Sunshine Coast medal framing and mounting specialists.