Picture Framing

If you have a treasured heirloom, or a beautiful drawing done by your grandchild that you would like framed, then make sure you call our qualified Sunshine Coast team to discuss your picture framing options.

Caloundra Framing are one of the only few picture framing businesses on the Sunshine Coast that are both qualified and registered with the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) and the Picture Framers Guild of Australia (PFGA) and hold a certificate in picture framing. Don’t just trust anyone with your precious items, you can rely on our qualified team to get your picture framing project done right, the first time!

Our team is proud to apply conservation Level picture framing techniques, and our focus is on providing quality picture framing that ensures your treasured items can be protected and displayed beautifully.
We believe that if something is worth framing, then it is worth framing well, and you can always expect the highest quality from our fully qualified and experienced picture framing team. Picture framing done correctly becomes an investment for a lifetime.

When it comes to picture framing, we abide by three key principles:

expert workmanship.
With our qualified framers, we have the skills and experience to give you the best possible result for an affordable and fair price.

The Right Frame

With almost 1000 frame samples on display in our design room, Caloundra Framing has the largest display on the Sunshine Coast, with all our frames hand-picked for quality. We also have many other frames available for viewing upon request, so you’re sure to find something that suits your individual taste.

We also have our “Art and Ideas Gallery Room” which is full of framed open and limited edition prints and objects that may inspire you about the look you want for your home or office.

The Right Glass

Caloundra Framing is aware of the importance of choosing the perfect glass for your picture framing project. Most people tend to think that plain glass should be used as the art is not displayed in the sun. This is actually not the case, as all light will fade your picture, and it can fade very quickly.

  • Clear glass will protect against dust and marks but provides a small amount of ultra-violet (UV) protection (about 40% UV blocking).
  • Non-reflective glass or Non-glare glass is etched on one side to diffuse reflection. It is this non-reflective property that ensures you can see your artwork, even when hung in an area with lots of light. (It also only has about 40% UV Blocking)
  • Clear Conservation UV glass is used to help protect art and objects of importance from fading when framed. (TRUVUE is an industry recognised specialty glass truly offering protection at 99% UV blocking 100% of the time.)
  • Non-reflective Conservation UV glass has the same 99% ultraviolet protective properties as clear Conservation UV glass with the addition of an etched side to diffuse reflection.
  • Museum anti-reflective glass is the premium glass that offers 99% of UV protection and less than 1% reflection (So Maximum Viewing Pleasure and Protection).
  • Clear acrylic and non-reflective acrylic are suitable alternatives to glass, offering a lightweight and shatterproof option. As with PLAIN clear and non-reflective glass, acrylic may possibly have more protection than glass but it still has low UV protective qualities.
  • op3 (optically clear 3mm) A low-reflective UV acrylic provides the ultimate glazing protection for picture framing; providing 99% UV protection and less than 1% reflection. (So again maximum viewing pleasure and protection
  • There is a new product called ultravue and it looks like museum but only has 70% UV blocking. So for budget conscious and pieces that don’t need protecting for as long is a perfect solution to the “foggy” looking NR glass.

No matter what you need, when it comes to picture framing on the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra Framing is the ideal choice.