High-end Fine Printing:

We are offering the highest quality Fine art reproduction and archival giclée printing for artists and photographers and anyone else that needs or wants the best.

Commercial Printing:

Caloundra Framing recommends a number of Printers depending on the type of service required. Just ask us and we can help you organise your files for general everyday printing.

Information on printing methods used by print companies.

  • Xerox or colour copy (cheap and look ok. will fade and often have lines or variations in areas of colour)
  • Large format printing dye based. (will fade. looks identical to pigment based)
  • Large format printing pigment based. (will last for approximately 70 years with little variation in certain lighting conditions.) (this is the preferred type of print for picture framing.)
  • Emulation based photographic printing. (mostly done by labs now)(easiest way is to ask what the life of the printing is before placing the order)(this is also preferred for picture framing so long as it is long life)
Once you have the print on canvas or paper or we have helped you source the print all our custom picture framing is done onsite.
Printing Needs vary greatly and print use range from decorative short term display through to high end archival long term display.
Please ask us and we can help you understand what type of print to get and how to combine the type of print you have, with the perfect glazing solution for best care and protection of that image. This is really important as all light fades images not just sunlight so you have to choose the right sort of print and the right glass for the application.
If you haven’t framed before let us help you organise an image and design a framing package. We will help you choose the right glass and we guarantee you will come back happy and confident the second time ready to frame your second piece without any doubts getting the level of protection and enjoyment you require.

Prints for Sale – Sunshine Coast

Why not pop into our Sunshine Coast showroom and have us show you our beautiful range of limited edition prints all ready to be purchased. What is not in the selection can be ordered by asking our helpful staff. All the prints are displayed on our wholesalers website pages but can be ordered through Caloundra Framing. Check them out and ask us how we can help you enjoy the beautiful works of art.
We also have access to a beautiful range of Neil Paskin’s high quality photographed local fine art landscape images from the sunshine coast and hinterland. Ask our friendly staff and they can help you customise your order.

Print On Demand

If you prefer to select your images from home, our supplier has a handy print on demand (POD) service, so you can browse through our suppliers’ images online and order what you want from the comfort of your own home.
However, we recommend that if you want to customise your image, you visit us in our Sunshine Coast store, as we can save you money on your order and help get exactly what you want.
Regarding personal images that you may have like old family photos or newer digital memories, at Caloundra Framing, we’ll be happy to assist you with the file if necessary and/or put you in touch with a reputable service and frame anything you need at an affordable price.We also have access to a beautiful range of Neil Paskin’s high quality photographed local fine art landscape images from the sunshine coast and hinterland. Ask our friendly staff and they can help you customise your order.


  • Pictures are printed at your requested size by our suppliers up to 1m wide on the short side and as long as the software allows.
  • We can work with all types of artwork and photos, and our suppliers can even help us create high-quality reproductions from children’s drawings or original artwork; all that we require is good quality digital copy. If A3 or smaller, we can scan it for you onsite.
  • Basic onsite scanning of up to A3 is available. Larger sizes at the highest quality are also possible and are outsourced to a professional supplier.
With our expert onsite custom framing, we can make your photos or original artwork look stunning when they are printed by our recommended printing suppliers on high- quality canvas or hotographic paper, leaving them ready to hang and display.
For help with all your printing needs from our recommended suppliers and all your onsite custom framing solutions – call into Caloundra Framing, your Sunshine Coast framing specialists.