Medal Mounting


The Sunshine Coast is the place to visit if you have medals that are shut away in an old tin or box that never sees the light of day. Keeping precious memories in an old tin not only hides them away, but can contribute to their deterioration. The various metals can react with one another and the ribbons can also become more fragile. Watch the story on fallen soldiers here.

So, dig them out and bring them into Caloundra Framing and let us discuss your medal mounting options. Imagine having these keepsakes and mementos of lives past, beautifully mounted and on display for you and your children or grandchildren to admire instead of forgotten about in a dusty cupboard.

Replicas or Originals

Most replica medals and ribbons full size and miniature are held in stock ready for mounting. Just show me a picture of the medals or a list of what was issued and I can put together a set for you. Fast completion if required. Have plenty of ribbon on hand available to refresh your originals as well.

Duplicates of Originals

Getting unissued medals or Duplicates if they have been lost or stolen can be a daunting task. Please call Sam if you require assistance in doing this. I can help you work through an application and submission.

Medal Mounting

The variety of ways medals can be displayed is almost endless, and many other items can be included alongside the medals themselves.

The Sunshine Coast Medal Mounter and professional framer at Caloundra Framing, Samuel Budd has 15 years of experience in the presentation and display of military and other memorabilia, and he is happy to discuss your medal mounting options with you.

Medal Mounting is the term used to describe the way medals are attached to a device which enables them to be worn on a suitable garment, such as a uniform or jacket.

Metal Pin Mounting

The most common device is a metal pin, called a mounting bar or gang. These are made to a length to suit the number of medals that will be attached to it. (e.g. – the more medals that will be mounted to it, the longer the bar will be.)

Although there is no maximum number of medals that can be mounted onto a mounting bar, the maximum length a bar can be is 160mm or 5 medal ribbon widths long. If more than 5 medals are to be attached, then they must be evenly overlapped.

Swing Mounting

Swing mounting medals, as the name suggests, means that only the top of the ribbons are attached to a mounting bar and the medals literally “swing” from their ribbons. By far the most common way of mounting due to the lower cost, the swing mountings main disadvantage is that the medals can strike one another when walking or marching and small scratches and dents can appear on the medal surfaces. Swing mounting is best suited to medals that are infrequently worn.

Court Mounting

Court mounting medals means that they are mounted together in a firm, fixed group and do not contact each other when marching or walking. Both the ribbons and the medals are fixed to a rigid backing which ensures they stay in place. Court mounting is especially beneficial when medals are worn regularly.

All medal mounting and framing is carried out by experienced and qualified staff, so you can be sure your medals will be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Personalised Service and Home Visits

On request at no extra charge Sam would be more than happy to visit your home on the Sunshine Coast to help you with your medal needs. I can visit and discuss what is required. My wife can come for a cup of tea as well if required. Sam will take the medals into his personal care and complete the mounting and then revisit to return them and present them mounted and ready to wear.