Art Restoration

Art Restoration – Sunshine Coast

Maybe you have a piece of artwork that you would like to have framed to help preserve it, but it’s been hanging in a back room for years and hasn’t been shown the love and care it should have, and now requires art restoration. Caloundra framing can help!
With all our products made-to-measure, we also have access to art restoration services, and can help you carefully restore original fine art and photographs, as well as antique frames. Or we can help you have such treasures digitally restored. So just get in touch with our friendly Sunshine Coast team for more information to see how we can help.

As well as art restoration, we can also provide preservation framing for museum and art gallery quality for your restored artwork.

If you require assessment of works and condition reports, we can also get those arranged for you.

So, from providing framing for a simple, heart touching child’s drawing, to having a masterpiece restored and framed at museum quality standard to put on display, Caloundra Framing can provide a broad range of products and services for the local Sunshine Coast community, and worldwide!

Our Sunshine Coast team is Australian Government certified framers, which means:

We have the skills and knowledge to apply the correct framing to different types of artwork.
That we use the correct materials for framing
We have the knowledge to recognise when artwork needs to be restored prior to framing to help preserve it.
Ask us about our great shipping deals when you call us with your framing, printing or art restoration queries, or call into our Sunshine Coast shop and stroll through our displays. Our team is ready, and able, to assist.